How Fascia Maneuvers Work & My Story

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How Fascia Maneuvers Work & My Story

Posted by Zen of Sleep on

How Fascia Maneuvers Work & My Story

Reduce Stress in the body.... and it allows your body to heal. Heal from pain, trauma, and auto-immune issues.

Fascial Maneuvers are a movement process that activates the body's healing and growth processes. They help to increase range of motion, reduce stress and increase all over body functionality. The class involves slow, precise movements with deep breathing which is easy and open to all ages and levels.

Fascial Maneuvers work best when done daily. The best place to start is a 20 minute daily routine of the Stress Reset and Organ reset. You can add the other movements as needed for your specific body's needs.

Follow along with our videos/routines and we will guide you through the process. We will create full body routines....coming in the future....stay tuned.


What is Fascia?

It is the tissue that is in our bodies that connects EVERYTHING together. It is like a spider web that surrounds muscles, organs, ligaments, bones, brain, nerves and lymph.... everything.... It can get dry and bunched together creating issues within the body.

What is a Fascial Maneuver?

It is a mix of movement, intention, and breath to release tension and restrictions within the body and it's systems. Over time and with consistency the body can be relieved from pain, auto-immune issues, weight gain, balance hormones and initiate healing in every aspect of the body.

We work with the 3 zones of the body; head torso, and legs. As in like an animal balloon, as we twist 1 area of the body, we are increasing the pressure in the other parts of the body to help in the fascial release.

Using our intension and engaging the Reticular Activating System (RAS) of our brain, we will increase our healing benefits. Having a clear intension and being aware of the changes being made in the body will give you increased and faster results. Focusing our mind on our intended results, as in releasing the fascia around a certain muscle etc., will include the brain in reprogramming the body and increasing the results of the movement.

Start the Routines with a body scan, see what you are feeling and then do it again afterwards to feel and incorporate the changes you feel into your body using our RAS.


Breathing during the maneuver adds a new dimension to the movement/stretch and allows the body to expand from the inside out. It will increase the benefits of the FM (fascial Maneuver) as well as reducing stress in the body. Breathing through the nose will activate the top half of the body where breathing through the mouth will activate the lower half of the body.


Walking after a set of FM's is the best way for the body to adapt to new changes in pressure and range of motion and to integrate the effects of the maneuver fully. It is best to walk 45 seconds to 3 minutes for the body to fully integrate the changes. You can also do just the 45 seconds and then when you are done with your full FM routine for the day take a 20-30 minute walk for an amazing body integration.


When doing FM's it is important to observe the changes that are occurring in your body. This not only speeds up the integration of the changes, but it also helps to connect you deeper to what works and what doesn't work for your body. Ask yourself: How do you feel; warmth, coolness, buzzing, itching, relief of pain, movement of pain? Do you feel energized or exhausted? Are you seeing clearer are things brighter? etc. Recognize the change to fine tune your body awareness.


I am 56 and had pain in my hips, burning pain in my foot/ankle, tinnitus, jaw clenching and left teeth rubbing on tongue, insomnia and auto-immune issues. I had healed my auto-immune issues to about 85% with diet and herbs, but got stuck and plateaued for the last year or 2.

FM's have helped me heal those the rest of the way. My pain is gone and I am now just dealing with fascial tightness in a few areas of my body. My tinnitus in 8 months is just about gone. My teeth no longer rub on the side of my tongue. My stress levels have majorly decreased which has resulted in better sleep, weight loss, and an over all feeling of wellbeing. FM's have really changed my life and helped me reverse my ageing process. I feel so much better and have so much more energy!

I am also a Thai Massage therapist and Bowen Therapist. I have now found something that I can do on myself to heal my own body. I am here to pass along what I have learned with FM's to help you have a better, healthier, more energetic and pain free life! Fascia Maneuver Base Moves provided by Human Garage