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CES Max 2 - Adjustable Power And Output Levels - For Insomnia And Anxiety - Alpha Wave Stim Therapy CES Device

Change Not only The Power Levels But Frequency levels as well!! May help in the treatment of Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia! Can use to stimulate the Vagus Nerve. A drug-free treatment for insomnia, anxiety and depression, with no side effects.

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Does what is says it does

I tried this device and it definitely does what it says. It relieves unpleasant mental states pretty quickly. There are recommendations in the book for different problem but a try the setting for yourself methodology is the way to go. So in short this relatively inexpensive device really does help with unhealthy mental states and in a very short time.

It Works!!!!!

I was so worried about spending $200 for this to not work BUT IT DOES! I've given natural birth to 6 children and my vag and bladder seemed weak for years. Sex has been unsatisfying for me and I've had a hard time holding my pee. I noticed an improvement after the 1st use! I considered a laser procedure in the doctor's office but for 5 grand...? I just couldn't afford it. I stumbled across this and I'm sooo glad I did. I usually don't write reviews on products I purchase but for anyone out there that's skeptical, just know it is effective. This may be TMI, but I LITERALLY could hardly fit my thumb inside after 1 week of use. The only bad thing I can say is that my guy doesn't last as long anymore!

Sam D
I Feel The Effects After Just 1 Session!

Very fast delivery-just 2 days. Good quality product. Already after one session feel the effect. Seems the therapy is working well!.

Kevin K., New York

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