Our Mission is Personal

Our Mission is Personal

About Zen of Sleep


Products To Naturally Support Sleep and Health

 We here at Zen of Sleep are here to help you get the best sleep possible and reduce stress and anxiety, all through the use of natural products.


Our Mission is Personal

This is more than business for us. It's personal. We've encountered our own health challenges or those of our loved ones so we provide products that we have used for ourselves and our families - and we are blessed to be able to share them with the world.


We have over 20 years of natural health and healing knowledge to help lead you in the right direction to give you the relief you are looking for.

We have searched out and found multiple products from all over to support insomnia and anxiety and increase your overall health and healing in your body.

We have TESTED each of these products PERSONALLY for quality and viability. Products with current research to provide support for you, with no side effects, and supported by science.

Quality is Our Cornerstone

In these modern times, we have become more stressed and exposed to many toxins, viruses and chemicals which all effect our health levels.

We supply proven products to support you in your health needs. We have chosen our very favorites to have in our store, to support others that are suffering, just like we did.

That’s why we source products that we used that have the best quality and results for you, our customers.

BLOGS On Health & Nutrition

We also support you with information to help you in your health and healing journey.

We believe in natural means, using multiple modalities, to support your bodies healing through multiple channels if needed; using diet, electrical stimulation, and phototherapy to help your body and nervous system heal.

Using these products synergistically has been integral in my own health and healing from insomnia, anxiety and many other auto-immune issues. (Check out Our Story for more Details)

We are here to give you the best support possible to help you on your health and healing journey.