About Us


Zen of Sleep focuses on all things sleep; from our 100% Luxurious Bamboo Sheets and Sleep Aids, to our natural treatments for sleep and healthy nutritional BLOGS. This store is like no other, and cares personally, to help you sleep better.

The forming of Zenofsleep.com has been many years in the making. To start out, my husband Rob and I had a brick and mortar, retail store for 16 years and had to close it due to the changing climate of retail.

During that whole time, I myself, had been dealing with many health and autoimmune disorders as well as Chronic Insomnia. I have learned much about natural health and healing over the last 20+ years that I tried to heal myself naturally. I have tried many natural treatments, spent thousands of dollars and have learned a ton about health and healing and what works and what doesn’t work. I have now finally figured out the main components of healing my body, and over the last 2 and a half years I have healed 85% of my 20+ years of chronic health issues, I’ve lost 26 pounds.

I have always had the drive to share my extensive knowledge and help people with their health issues. 

In response to closing our retail store, we opened Zenofsleep.com seeing the need of many people who have issues like I did with stress, anxiety and insomnia. With my extensive study in natural health and healing; I can support people with their sleep, health and healing issues; sharing my knowledge in blogs, and offering amazing products that support sleep and health in my website. I wanted to create a new type of store, one that is personal and has a community, something you can trust and offers great tried and true products to our customers.

I also wanted to offer quality products that you can trust. One of those is our own ZOS Luxury Bamboo sheets! They are amazingly soft and durable and will possibly lead to I-can't-get-out-of-bed-itis, but you're worth it right? All this wonderfulness, and they are less expensive than equivalent sheets out there. Go check them out!

Thank you for coming to check me and my site out! I am here to support you in LIFE!

I pray my products and information will be a blessing to you!  Welcome!


- Kelle - Founder of zenofsleep.com & renhalsa.com



PS: My healing story published in "Women's World Magazine" April 2019