About Us


Zen of Sleep focuses on all things sleep; from our Sleep Aids, to our natural treatments for sleep and healthy nutritional BLOGS.

This store is like no other, and cares personally, to help you sleep better.

The formation of Zenofsleep.com has been many years in the making. To begin with, my husband Rob and I had a brick and mortar retail store for over 16 years and had to close it due to the changing climate of retail.

During that whole time, I myself, had been dealing with many health and autoimmune disorders as well as Chronic Insomnia.

I have learned much about natural health and healing over the last 20+ years that I tried to heal myself naturally. I have tried many natural treatments, spent thousands of dollars and have learned a ton about health and healing and what works and what doesn’t work.



I have always been an active and pretty healthy person. I did gymnastics for 13 years as a youth and remained active and health conscious throughout my life.

As I hit my 30’s, however, things started to change.

My energy plummeted, and I started having more and more health issues as time went on. In being brief, I ended up with; hypothyroidism, insomnia, anxiety, constipation, candida, adrenal failure, interstitial cystitis of the bladder, hair loss, weight gain and tinnitus.

I tried the Candida diet for 1 year... It didn’t heal the candida AND only made my anxiety worse!

I tried many other protocols like NAET, ayurvedic diet, fermented foods and many others.


I have now finally figured out the 3 main components that helped heal my body...

And over the last 3 and a half years I have healed 95% of my 20+ years of chronic health issues and have lost over 26 pounds!



Three and a half years ago I found out about Anthony Williams (Medical Medium) and used his diet protocol. That did wonders for my body taking out gluten, dairy and eggs and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. His protocol got me about 75-80% of the way.

His book CLEANSE TO HEAL is a MUST READ to help you learn how to heal your body. I really believe eating this way can help others as I have seen the results of others in the Facebook Groups associated with his protocol.


Soon after starting the above diet protocol, I found out about CES devices. I started using our CES MAX and it really helped me sleep better and helped to reduce my anxiety levels right away.

I have recently switched to our NEW CES MAX 2 and love it even more! It has really furthered to reduce my anxiety and helps me to sleep even better.


Even though I was about 80% healed, I felt stuck, like my healing just wasn’t really progressing forward after 3 years.

I had another business associate tell me about the LifeWave patches and about Brain Balancing… How if your brain is not balanced, your body is not communicating properly with your brain and it is hard for your body to process and heal fully. (More Info in Our Blogs)

I tried the Brain Balancing Protocol, as well as the detoxification program with the patches. I felt more balanced, it even helped my sleep and anxiety levels as well, and I could feel my body finally moving forward more with its healing.

I have now done 2 rounds of the cleansing protocol with a little break in between of just the X39 stem cell patches. I still have days where I feel my body is cleansing and clearing, a HEALING CRISIS (More Info in Blogs), but after each time I cleanse, I have more and more energy and my body is feeling healthier and healthier.


I would say I am about 95% healed now. I have lost weight, gained more hair, digest better, sleep and feel better. I am out of pain; my skin looks smoother and healthier and I just feel better!



That is why Zen of Sleep was created; to help others with their health and healing journey.


I have always had the drive to share my extensive knowledge and help people with their health issues. 

In response to closing our retail store, we opened Zenofsleep.com seeing the need of many people who have issues like I did with stress, anxiety and insomnia.

With my extensive study in natural health and healing; I can support people with their sleep, health and healing issues; sharing my knowledge in blogs, and offering amazing products that support sleep and health in my website.

I wanted to create a new type of store, one that is personal and has a community, something you can trust and offers great tried and true products to our customers.

We have personally tried everything in this store for quality, viability and products backed by science.

If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t make it into our store.

This is more than business for us. It's personal.

We've encountered our own health challenges and those of our loved ones, so we provide products for ourselves and our families - and we are blessed to be able to share them with the world.


We are here for you and want to support you as best we can.

We offer great customer service and support.

Our number is 833-988-3557 10-6 MST M-F and our email is support@zenofsleep.com. We are here to answer your questions and help you get started on the right protocol to help you.


Best Wishes,


Owner and CEO of Zen of Sleep




PS: My healing story published in "Women's World Magazine" April 2019