CES Max 2 - Adjustable Power and Output Levels - For Insomnia and Anxiety - Alpha Wave Stim Therapy CES Device

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CES Max 2 - Adjustable Power and Output Levels - For Insomnia and Anxiety - Alpha Wave Stim Therapy CES Device
CES Max 2 - Adjustable Power and Output Levels - For Insomnia and Anxiety - Alpha Wave Stim Therapy CES Device
CES Max 2 - Adjustable Power and Output Levels - For Insomnia and Anxiety - Alpha Wave Stim Therapy CES Device

CES Max 2 - Adjustable Power and Output Levels - For Insomnia and Anxiety - Alpha Wave Stim Therapy CES Device

$499.99 USD $199.99 USD
You save: $300.00 USD(60.0%)
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Now More Adjustable to Fit Your Personal Needs

Change Not only The Power Levels But Frequency levels as well!!

May help in the treatment of Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia! 
Can use to stimulate the Vagus Nerve.

A drug-free treatment for insomnia, anxiety and depression, with no side effects.


CES-Cranial Electrotherapy Devices are a way to control anxiety and treat insomnia without pills...

  • Natural
  • Effective treatment
  • No side effects
  • No addiction
  • No medication interaction
  • Adjustable 

Balances the hormonal and electrical imbalances in the brain

Uses extremely low intensity micro electric current to stimulate your brain

Emits a frequency that improves abnormal brain waves and may increase deep sleep time, reduce anxiety and improve your mood!


new 2021 ces max more adjustable power and frequency levels zenofsleep.com


  • 2021 CES MAX 2 upgraded with Adjustable Power And Output Levels to fit Your Personal Needs Better!

  • Upgraded components and construction

  • Safety Inspected

  • Over 10-20 Hours of use on 1 charge- Lithium Rechargeable Battery

  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


Treatment Reference Table


  • Low Current + High Frequency 


  • High Current + Low Frequency


  • Medium Current + Medium Frequency



Science Shows It Works!

The American Institute of Stress has done multiple studies on the CES and it's effectiveness on insomnia and anxiety.

The Journal of Brain and Behavior- May 2012

  • "Controlled studies provide evidence that CES is effective for anxiety, headaches, fibromyalgia, smoking cessation, drug withdrawal symptoms, and (in some but not all studies) pain." 


 CES case study results

Who Can Benefit from CES Therapy?

To be honest...a lot of us!

Do you suffer from anxiety and/or restless nights? These issues can be a major hindrance to everyday life and living it to the fullest.

  • May provide quick, sustainable anxiety and stress relief.
  • May help you feel more relaxed and calm throughout your daily activities and get your life back!
  • If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, the CES Max device may help you achieve a longer, deeper and more restful sleep.

To help you wake up refreshed in the morning to start your day!


 CES case study results


Chemical VS Electrical

Prescription medications use chemicals to attempt to target an issue or imbalance in the body.

Unfortunately only 2% of your nervous system is chemical.

The rest of the nervous system is electrical.

So why treat your body with chemicals in the form of pills or injections when you can treat the 98% of your nervous system with the CES Device?

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation: How it works

Your brain works through electric currents to communicate and respond to the stimulus around you.

The cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) device delivers a natural low level of microcurrent, via small clips worn on your earlobes.

The current stimulates certain nerve centers in the brain to help support relief from insomnia, anxiety and depression. 

The microcurrent is tiny (millionths of an ampere) and very gentle. 


 Where to put CES clips to stimulate acupressure points and to stimulate Vagus Nerve zenofsleep.com

How To Use It:

  • Treatments take 20-60 minutes on average
  • 1 to 2 times daily 
  • 6 Power settings to adjust the current to fit your personal needs.
  • 6 Frequency Output settings to adjust even more to your needs.
  • 1 Time setting of 20 minutes, but can be restarted for longer treatment time.

You should feel a tingling pulse on your earlobes. If the pulse is too strong then, reduce to a lower power level to start with, and work your way up. 

First Week

  • You may see an improvement in mood and sleep and continued improvement with time. 

Second - Fourth Week

  • As symptoms reduce, you can reduce treatments to 2-3 times per week for maintenance.

The results are cumulative, so the longer you use it the more it may work to balance your stress and anxiety levels and help you gradually have a better, deeper nights sleep.

The device is portable so you can take it anywhere, even to work. 


Does It Work?

CES Devices may work for 9 out of 10 people for anxiety and insomnia and 8 out of 10 for depression and pain.

Studies have shown that CES Devices can:

 Increase hormone levels-Serotonin- that aid in mood and pain by about 50%
 Increase Melatonin- that aids in sleep by around 25%
 Reduce the stress hormone Cortisol by 18%.



In June 2014 the FDA announced that, "It has determined that there is sufficient information to establish special controls, and that these special controls, together with general controls, will provide a reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness for CES Devices." (3)

  • Cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – approved treatment for insomnia, depression, migraine, neurosis, and anxiety consisting of pulsed, low-intensity current applied to the earlobes.



  1. Non-Invasive
  2. Drug Free
  3. No Side Effects

CES Machines have a 30 day return policy, therefore look at our returns policy for further information.

CES Device Specifications:
Pulse modulation frequency: 1.5Hz~.5Hz
Stimulus Intensity:10-500 adjustable
Waveform: Bipolar, asymmetric rectangular wave, 50% duty cycle
Output pulse Width: 2ms~300ms
Timer: 20 Minute setting
Lithium Rechargeable battery voltage: 2.5V (500) average
Treatment Time: 20 minutes default
Power range: 6 adjustable levels 
Frequency: 6 adjustable levels
Battery: 600mAh Built-in Li battery.  20+ hours use on a full charge

1 Year Product Warranty, 90 Day Ear-Clip Warranty 


CES Studies done through:

The American Institute for Stress

The Journal of Brain and Behavior

Psychiatric Times



If you are experiencing body pain, this device may be a better solution. Click on the link below to see the Premium Cold Laser for Pain


 LLLT cold laser therapy 36 pieces zenofsleep.com

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Review of CES Max 2

I tried this device and it definitely does what it says. It relieves unpleasant mental states pretty quickly. There are recommendations in the book for different problem but a try the setting for yourself methodology is the way to go. So in short this relatively inexpensive device really does help with unhealthy mental states and in a very short time.

Review of CES Max 2

I tried this and it certainly was effective and fast in relieve unpleasant mental states. There are recommendations in the booklet on which settings should be used for what however a little experimentation of your own with the settings is really the way to go. So to sum up this device does what is says it does and pretty quickly.

Kelle L
Feels Different- Love Adjustability

I have used other CES's in the past. This one feels amazing and different than the pulsing of the others. Works great to help my insomnia and anxiety. I love that I can adjust power and frequency to better fit my needs.