Basic Stress Reset Fascial Maneuver Class

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Basic Stress Reset Fascial Maneuver Class

Posted by Zen of Sleep on

Basic Stress Reset Fascial Maneuver Class

Reduce Stress in the body.... and it allows your body to heal. Heal from pain, trauma, and auto-immune issues.

Fascial Maneuvers are a movement process that activates the body's healing and growth processes. They help to increase range of motion, reduce stress and increase all over body functionality. The class involves slow, precise movements with deep breathing which is easy and open to all ages and levels.

Fascial Maneuvers work best when done daily. The best place to start is a 20 minute daily routine of the Stress Reset and Organ reset. You can add the other movements as needed for your specific body's needs.

Follow along with our videos/routines and we will guide you through the process. We will create full body routines....coming in the future....stay tuned.

The STRESS RESET involves 3 sets of Movements:

THE PALLETT SWIPE: Reduces head and neck tension, relieves headaches, calms thoughts, improves mental processing, indirectly rebalances pelvic floor and hips, and expands lung capacity.

TOTALLY TWISTED: Reduces all over body stress, calms the nervous system, releases "feel good" hormones, and decompresses spine and organs.

ANTI GRAVITY: Full spinal decompression, reduce spinal and organ tension, increases digestion, calms the nervous system, and increases the "feel good" hormones.