Sleep Soundly And Save Yourself (And Your Cents)

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Sleep Soundly And Save Yourself (And Your Cents)

Posted by Zen of Sleep on

Sleep Soundly And Save Yourself (And Your Cents)

Sleep Soundly And Save Yourself (And Your Cents)


We’ve all fallen into the (very wrong) belief that the best of everything has to come with a high price tag. It doesn’t. And where your sleep is concerned, there are a few habits you can pick up that won’t create a nightmare with your finances. Change your routine to include the following and you’ll sleep better and feel better every day.


Invest in a weighted blanket.


A weighted blanket typically weighs between 15 and 20 pounds and can help ease insomnia. These clever covers can create a sense of calmness by pressing on your bodies pressure points, calming the nervous system down, effectively helping your body to relax so your mind can more effectively fight anxiety and stress. Further, the right blanket will improve sleep quality and help reduce pain without the use of drugs. Zen Of Sleep offers premium bedding, including weighted blankets, at a price you can afford.




Exercise promotes sleep in many ways. Psychology Today contributor Michael J Breus Ph.D. asserts that there is a reciprocal relationship between quality sleep and quality exercise. Find a routine that works for you, and then stick with it. If you haven’t exercised in a while, don’t be afraid to strap on your sneakers and get moving. When it’s time to update your athletic wear, you can still afford workout clothes and shoes from manufacturers you love, like Nike - take a quick look online for Nike promo codes and coupons.


Prioritize your oral health.


Very few people realize the connection between sleep and their teeth. But, there is an undeniable link between the two, along with your overall physical and mental health. And if you suffer from depression, poor oral hygiene may actually keep you up at night. Make a point to visit your dentist regularly – if you have health insurance, you likely already have benefits. As an added bonus, maintaining a relationship with your dentist and hygienist may help you identify issues, like sleep apnea or jaw pain, that result from poor sleep, inadequate hygiene, or both.

 how to sleep better naturally

The Importance Of Sleep


It’s clear that there are some investments associated with providing yourself the things you need to get better sleep. However, the benefits far outweigh any expenses you might incur. A few reasons to focus on your sleep include:


  • More productivity. If you struggle staying on task or getting things done at work or at home, you should know that sleeping will improve cognition, concentration, and productivity.


  • A healthier body. Although it is not completely understood, there is also a link between obesity and poor sleep. Many studies have been conducted on this, and it is generally theorized that poor sleep simply leads to unhealthy lifestyle choices. Further, reducing insomnia and treating sleep apnea may lower your risk of heart disease and improve your immune function.


  • Greater emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is akin to your IQ. Except instead of rating your ability to intake and process knowledge, emotional intelligence, sometimes called your emotional quotient, gauges how well you can identify the emotions within yourself and others. Getting enough sleep regularly may improve your emotional empathy and response.


There is no way around the fact that getting enough quality sleep is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Whether this means you exercise to reduce stress and calm anxiety or use a weighted blanket to stay calm, finding ways to reduce your wakefulness at night is a priceless addition to your daily routine. The above tips can help you make better choices and understand the reasons that it pays to get some Zzzzzs.


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By Guest Writer- Jennifer McGregor


Image via Pexels