HEALING CRISIS- What it IS - What it FEELS Like - Why It's GOOD

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HEALING CRISIS- What it IS - What it FEELS Like - Why It's GOOD

Posted by Zen of Sleep on

HEALING CRISIS- What it IS - What it FEELS Like - Why It's GOOD


Have you noticed when you do a detox or some other cleanse or healing protocol that you feel worse for a bit?

That your symptoms seem like they are getting worse not better?

That is because your body is experiencing a healing crisis.



A healing crisis is a temporary worsening of symptoms after beginning a CAM treatment. You may also see it called a homeopathic aggravation, a detox reaction, or a cleansing reaction.
In a healing crisis, symptoms briefly worsen before beginning to improve, a temporary worsening of symptoms that arise as we go through the healing process.
It may affect your mental, emotional and physical being as you reach a different level of health.
The body is constantly striving to function towards optimal resonance with the memory of its cellular growth. With disease there is blockage, stagnation or a disturbance of proper regulation and alignment of cellular function. 
This impairment can be a result of mental, emotional and/or physical trauma, poor lifestyle, environmental toxins or a genetic predisposition to disease.(1.)
You may feel detox symptoms as you start clearing heavy metals or other bacteria and viruses out of your body.
This is good, so push through it, as your body will be healthier and cleaner after the symptoms pass.



When you experience a healing crisis, it is important to take extra gentle care of yourself. It can help to spend some quiet time with whatever you are feeling and see if you can support your body to release anything that is no longer serving you.
Drink extra water, rest, and practice self-compassion.
Remember that you can pace the healing process, but stay the course.
You can keep doing this until you feel that the symptoms you have been experiencing are gone, or as long as you like


Some detox symptoms you may experience are; 
  • headaches
  • metal taste
  • fatigue
  • body aches
  • skin eruptions/rashes


The symptoms usually last 1-3 days.
Your body will be healthier after you do it, so don't stop doing the detox.
You can reduce what you are doing that is causing you to cleanse to reduce the symptoms if they are very uncomfortable for you and then gradually work your way back, but pushing through it will get your body to a better state of health.



A true healing crisis stimulates the immune system.

There is a breakdown of muscle tissue, increasing the body’s amino acid pool and creating a rise in granular leukocytes. This causes nutrients to be released from storage to be utilized to a greater extent for the healing process.

There is a reduction in blood concentrations of zinc and iron; this reduction inhibits bacterial growth and the growth of cancer cells.

Optimal adrenal function is a necessary component of the healing crisis, as the adrenal medulla releases epinephrine and norepinephrine to cause vasoconstriction to the GI tract and vasodilation to skeletal muscles via the sympathetic nervous system, thus causing a decrease in blood flow to the digestive organs and protection of the internal organs.

Hence, the patient experiences a decrease in appetite. Fasting during a fever maintains the fever at a stable temperature, prevents further suppression and protects the body from the autotoxicity caused by undigested food.

During the healing crisis messages travel back and forth from the adrenal glands to the pituitary gland through the central nervous system (CNS). The CNS cannot function without amino acids, which act as neurotransmitters or precursors to neurotransmitters. Certain amino acids, such as taurine and gaba, neutralize toxins and enhance mobilization of nutrients to the inflammatory areas of the body.

The utilization of oxygen in the body is converted from an anaerobic to an aerobic process during a healing crisis.

During a healing crisis, numerous biochemical reactions take place that shift the body’s ability to both recognize abnormal cell growth and use oxidative processes to relieve inflammation.

It is the body’s innate response in returning to homeostasis. (2.)



Your body will be in a much better state after you cleanse. It allows your body to progress in it's healing and regeneration to move forward.

So even though it may be a bit uncomfortable for 1-3 days, know that your body is doing good for itself, coming into a better state of health.

Push through it as you and your body will feel better on the other side.



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