VIDEO- 20 Minute Full Body Yoga

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VIDEO- 20 Minute Full Body Yoga
VIDEO- 20 Minute Full Body Yoga

VIDEO- 20 Minute Full Body Yoga

$11.99 USD
You save: $-11.99 USD(100%)
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This video is a gentle but strengthening yoga routine. It is great for those days when you want a chill workout. It is 20 minutes long, but gives you a full body workout. It is lower stress on your body and won't build up cortisol in your body.

Working out for hours, actually is not as great as everyone used to preach. It has been proven to build up the stress hormone cortisol, which will wear your body and adrenals down eventually. It is better to do intermittent interval workouts or yoga. Especially if you already deal with stress or anxiety, calming yoga or rebounding are the best type of exercises.

I have created a routine that will strengthen and relax your body. I like to mix this in between my Cellerciser Rebounder days. Sometimes I just want something more relaxing.

And PS... I have lost 24 pounds since I filmed this video....all with diet, cleansing my liver, cellercising and doing yoga, and I'm 50! So it is possible to naturally loose weight. I will be giving tips in my Blogs about ALL this, so stay tuned!



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And as always consult your physician before starting any new exercise regimen.



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