VIDEO-10 Minute Cellercise Routine

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VIDEO-10 Minute Cellercise Routine

$8.99 USD
You save: $-8.99 USD(100%)
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Not sure what to do on your rebounder/cellerciser to get the workout you want?

This video is my personal 10 minute routine that covers your entire body, with a few minutes of cool down stretches at the end. You can just follow along. How easy is that?!?!? No fuss, no worry, it's all done for you!

Get rock hard arms, legs, butt and 6 pack abs, in 10 minutes a day, seriously!!! I am 50 and have achieved this, so trust me, it's possible. Plus, I love that I can do this at home, whenever it fits into my schedule, AND it's ONLY 10 MINUTES! You can find time in your day to exercise, when it's only 10 minutes!

The Cellerciser works your muscles differently than lifting weights, running or other exercise alternatives. Every muscle in your body gets worked out with every bounce, and with each bounce gravity multiplies the weight to the muscle. It is super bouncing!

For all the amazing benefits of rebounding, look for the list in my product description for the Cellerciser in my store. AWESOME! 


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Thank you for trusting me with helping you! Cheers!


And as always consult your physician before starting any new exercise regimen.








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