Pelvic Floor Video Series

$13.95 USD
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Pelvic Floor Video Series
Pelvic Floor Video Series
Pelvic Floor Video Series
Pelvic Floor Video Series
Pelvic Floor Video Series
Pelvic Floor Video Series

Pelvic Floor Video Series

$13.95 USD
You save: $-13.95 USD(100%)
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Why Do I Need To Strengthen The Pelvic Floor?

strengthen pelvic floor reduce incontinence and bladder leakage tighten vagina

Learn How... and have a happier healthier life...

Do You have...

  • Incontinence
    • Stress Incontinence- Pee when laugh, cough or strain -(not normal no matter how old or young you are)
    • Urge Incontinence- Feel the urge to pee often with little urine
  • Get up multiple times a night to urinate
  • Prolapse- bladder or uterus
  • Lower back pain
  • Over active bladder
  • Too loose vaginal tone or pelvic floor
  • Too tight vaginal tone or pelvic floor
  • Painful intercourse
  • Constipation
  • Bowel leakage
  • Unable to fully empty bladder
  • Front or rear pelvic tilt--sway back
  • Poor posture


  • Low blood flow
  • ED
  • Prostate issues

Why Most Women and Even Men Need to Work the Pelvic Floor.

As we go through life due to the stress of pregnancy, age or even just the stress of life, our pelvic floor can be affected making it too tight or too loose causing back issues, bladder or bowel leakage, or painful intercourse among many other issues.

  • Pregnancy can put a lot of weight on the PF muscles, stretching them out and creating loose muscle tone. As a result bladder leakage and or back problems can be caused.
  • As women get older our bodies creates less estrogen which then reduces muscle tone, which can cause the pelvic floor muscles to be too loose. That is why we all think as we get older we will have to wear a pad... NO! This can be corrected and we can have great urinary strength as we age.

The pelvic floor muscles are like a sling and hold the weight of our organs and our entire torso together. They are tied to our lower abdominal muscles, glutes and even lower back muscles.

  • If one set of these get too loose or too tight it does affect all the others through muscle connection and the fascia that runs throughout the body.
  • It can throw the body out of alignment causing back issues, or other issues like bladder or bowel leakage. 
  • These symptoms are actually something you can heal or greatly improve.

To Sum Up...

Whether your pelvic floor is too tight or too loose or a combination of both, our exercises will balance the pelvic floor, by strengthening and stretching the pelvic floor muscles for optimum health.

Are Kegels OK?

If your pelvic floor is too loose they can help to a certain degree. If your pelvic floor is too tight then they can exacerbate problems.

  • Kegels only tighten 1 small area of the pelvic floor which can leave the rest of the pelvic floor too loose.
  • They create improper tone and tension within the 14 muscles of the pelvic floor.
  • Kegels can also over tighten the vaginal canal...when you start, how do you know when to stop?
  • They can leave the vaginal canal too tight leading to painful intercourse and the rest of the pelvic floor too loose causing incontinence.

Unlike Kegels which just tighten one spot of the pelvic floor, our exercises will create balance so the whole pelvic floor is at correct tone and tightness.

So What Is The Proper Approach to Pelvic Floor Health?

How to strengthen pelvic floor to reduce incontinence bladder leakage

Our set of exercises will both stretch and tighten the pelvic floor creating overall balance and even tone within the 14 muscles of the pelvic floor and surrounding supportive tissue.

The exercises are created in such a way to work with all the 14 muscles of the pelvic floor and surrounding supportive areas...

...Not just one localized area like Kegels, ours support the whole pelvic floor and core to create even and overall strength and flexibility.

Why Is Our Pelvic Floor So Important?

 As you have read above...

  • The pelvic floor muscles are like a sling and hold the weight of our organs and our entire torso together. 
  • If these muscles are too loose or too tight it throws the body out of alignment causing back issues, or many other issues like bladder or bowel leakage. 
  • Having correct tone in the pelvic floor will support the bodily functions and body movement allowing us to have a more comfortable, happier and healthier life.

Is Peeing A Little, Normal?

NO! If you are 20 or 80, having bladder leakage of any kind is not "normal" and can cause embarrassment and self esteem issues.

Whether it's stress, pregnancy or age causing these issues, we can strengthen and balance our pelvic floor muscles to help give us back a normal life.


What Will I Need to Do The Exercises?

Our recommendations are products we have personally tried out for quality and integrity.

Ships from USA

 A Yoga Ball

If you are taller than 5"8" use a 75cm ball

If you are under 5'8" then use a 65cm ball

Use Yoga ball to strengthen pelvic floor muscles

Live Infinitely Exercise Ball

Weights for hands & feet for intermediate/advanced levels



Gymenist Hand Foot Weights

A Yoga Block

Gaiam Yoga Block

A Yoga Mat to Work on for Stability

Gaiam Yoga Block

How Soon Should I See Results?

Everyone's body is different and we are all starting from someplace different.

It also depends on how often you do the exercises.

Our recommendations 

  • Start doing the exercise routines 5-7 days a week.
  • Even doing them twice a week will eventually give results.
  • Do what works for you, just know the more you put in, the more and faster you will get something out.

As your pelvic floor strengthens and you get to where you want to be, we recommend to keep doing the exercises a couple of times per week for maintenance, to keep your body healthy as you age.

Like any muscle, if you stop working it, it will atrophy.


If you have any questions or need help with the routines please contact us at and we will be happy to help you with any issues or questions you may have.

We are here for you!!!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kelle L
These are great for incontinence!!!!

I am 55 and have been using these videos and they have really strengthened my pelvic floor and my urge to urinate has gotten soooooo much better! I used to get up twice a night to go pee and now I only need to go once! So I sleep better now not having to get up so often. Plus I have a lot more sensitivity down there if you know what I mean... much better intimacy with my husband!! ;)

Kalyn Knollmiller
Great workout

I really enjoyed the progression of the routine. The movements were doable, and really felt to be directed right to the areas needed. I finished the routine feeling stretched and strengthed, and am already experiencing results. I am over 80 and was able to do all the movements and I know that as my strength increases I will be able to do them better. Love it, love it, love it.