5 Reasons to Buy Bamboo Sheets Over Cotton

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5 Reasons to Buy Bamboo Sheets Over Cotton

Posted by Zen of Sleep on

5 Reasons to Buy Bamboo Sheets Over Cotton


So why do we carry bamboo sheets instead of cotton on Zenofsleep.com...

...and are they worth the hype?


First of all, there are 5 reasons to buy bamboo over cotton:

  1. They are hypoallergenic and anti-microbial- so they smell fresher, keep oders and micro-organisms away and are good for sensitive individuals
  2. They are breathable and wick away moisture 70% better than cotton
  3. They keep you warm in winter and cooler in the summer (on average, bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton).
  4. The best bamboo sheets are soft, durable, and silky smooth, much smoother, softer and drapier than cotton. They are softer than 1500 Thread Count Cotton sheets.
  5. Bamboo is also an extremely renewable resource. Our materials are harvested and manufactured very carefully, so we can produce high-quality sheets in an environmentally sustainable way.

So yes, bamboo sheets are worth the hype. They will give you a softer, cleaner, more comfortable and overall better sleeping experience.

Once you try bamboo, you will never go back to cotton!



Bamboo, is just what you think, the big tall stalks that you see in all those jungle movies, but the best thing about bamboo is, it grows like grass.

It's like making sheets out of your lawn clippings. It grows fast and takes considerably less water than cotton to produce and manufacture.

How can those rough looking stalks make such incredibly soft sheets?

The bamboo plant is the starting material for a process (the viscose or rayon process) that can be performed with any plant and produces the viscose bamboo fabric.

This is the same process that is used to make Rayon where the starting material could be any other plant, really.

That’s why sometimes you see bamboo bed sheets labeled as “Viscose” and sometimes as “Rayon.”These are actually the exact same thing.

100% Bamboo sheets mean that the sheet manufacturer does not blend the viscose bamboo with any other fabrics (such as cotton) when the fabric is being created.



Our sheets are Oeko-Tex certified, so you can be sure there were NO NASTY CHEMICALS used to make these sheets!

Viscose bamboo bed sheets are durable and soft, making them the perfect combination for a long-lasting, welcome addition to your bed linen collection.

Viscose from bamboo bedding is considered by many to be the softest sheets that you can buy!



Yes and no. Yes, they do have a threadcount, but it isn’t comparable to the threadcounts you see with cotton.

The two main threadcounts available for bamboo sheets are 300tc and 400tc.

It’s just not equivalent with the threadcounts for cotton sheets.

Even some well-made 300tc bamboo sheets can be much softer than many 1500tc cotton sheets.

In regards to bamboo, 400tc sheets will be thicker, softer and drapier than its 300tc counterpart. 

Some of the important things to look for when buying bamboo sheets are the quality of the manufacturer, that they are Oeko-Tex certified, and that they are actually using 100% bamboo -NO COTTON OR MICROFIBER, which reduce all the best properties of having bamboo sheets in the first place!

Bamboo sheets often come in 2 finishes as well; sateen and twill.

Twill is not quite as soft and has the over/under pattern that many of our shirts and jeans have.

They are a bit more durable than sateen, but not by much, and they are usually in the thinner, lower 300 thread count sheets.

The sateen weave goes over-over-then under in its weave.

It is much smoother and silkier on the skin and that is why we choose to use the thicker, higher 400 thread count sateen sheets for our store, to give you the thickest, softest most luxurious experience.



Sadly, you are not going to fine real bamboo sheets for less than $100 for a twin set of sheets.

There are various companies on Amazon selling sheets they call bamboo, but are really a bamboo mixed with polyester microfiber. These can be as cheap as $30, which is great if you don’t mind sleeping on polyester.

When they say bamboo/microfiber blend, you are getting a mostly polyester sheet and as a result lose most of the wonderful benefits of bamboo.

Just be aware that if you get sheets like this, you aren’t getting actual bamboo bedding products.

Look for 100% Bamboo to make sure you are getting the real deal.



Yes! I have purchased them myself and they do help me have a more comfortable, enjoyable, sleeping experience, and that is what we here at Zenofsleep.com are here for, to lead you towards all things that make your sleep better!

I think the sheets are amazing!

They are definitely the softest type of sheets you can buy, they are cooler, more breathable and feel silky/soft on my skin as well.

As a 50 year old woman who deals sometimes with night sweats and hot flashes, bamboo has made those nights so much more comfortable!!

I also like that I am choosing a product that is better and more renewable than cotton, which is great for our planet.


But don't take my word for it. Here are what some of our customers are saying about our sheets!

5 Stars!!- "Happy anniversary to us! We are absolutely in love with our new sheets. They are so cool and silky. I am a sheet snob and these definitely suit me. Kelle was awesome to work with. I will recommend this product to all my friends." -Lisa

5 Stars!!- "Best sheets ever! So soft and silky and I don't feel sweaty in them. Nice and thick like resort sheets." - Robyn

5 Stars!!- "We purchased a set of queen-size sheets from Zen of Sleep and are very satisfied with the quality and value. The fabric is luxurious and the sewing is flawless. The elastic all around the perimeter of the fitted sheet makes it so easy to change the bed without struggling to keep the corners in place, and ensures that the sheet stays put. The set looks as good as new after each washing and overall, this was a very worthwhile purchase. We will be ordering additional sets in the near future for our children and guests!" - Stan