How to Reduce Pain Naturally with IceWave Patches

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How to Reduce Pain Naturally with IceWave Patches

Posted by Zen of Sleep on

How to Reduce Pain Naturally with IceWave Patches
All of the LifeWave smart patches stimulate the nerves on the skin with light, producing a number of different biochemical effects inside the whole body not just near the area of patch location.
It is however also possible to use the positive and negative patch in such way to direct the wavelength of lights and the desired actions to a certain area or to use 4 patches when dealing with full body pains.
LifeWave IceWave patches belong to the first generation patches and like Energy Enhancer is to be used in pairs +/-
Because of this one needs to make sure one follows the instructions as shown in the brochures.
lifewave ice wave patches how to place them
The body's automatic response mechanisms will work out where the anti inflammatory biochemical actions is most needed and wanted. The body knows best and indeed does not take instructions on these processes from your conscious thinking.
This is very much so controlled by the sub conscious part of the mind that directs the body fully automatic. Each cell itself also has a 100% stimulus response mind of its own.
The body will perform the stimulus response action atomically but the question is how fast and noticeable.
In most cases this tend to take place in as little as seconds, so if nothing was noticed in lets say 1 min or so its time to move the white patch to a new spot until one has found the best possible spot.
Its on that spot that we had the best results that the white patch gets left. (the tan patch remains on the center of pain)
All of the different LifeWave patches do different things and compliment each other very well. It is wise to experiment with all of them and use them especially if one was not able to take care of the pain quickly enough.
LifeWave's IceWave patches are very powerful and very capable in reducing inflammation. When this occurs the pain is likely to die away causing many people to burst out in tears of joy.
In only few cases its possible to see a temporary increase in pain. Don't panic, the body again knows what it is doing and you are best to persist even if it was for 10 minutes at the time until this face has passed.
In the case of IceWave, there are two different things going on.
First, LifeWave has measured a reduction in inflammatory chemicals that are normally associated with pain.

Secondly LifeWave's David Schmidt has measured a bioelectrical current flowing between the patches, just like between the positive and negative terminals of a battery.

Because of this the placement of the tan patch and the white patch matters a great deal.
When a person has pain, there is a change in the bioelectrical properties of the tissue affected, and IceWave begins to bring the bioelectrical properties of the body back to normal, which reduces pain.
All of this occurs very quickly!
Find the best spot where the best result where obtained and leave it there.
If IceWave did not lower or take away the pain fast enough use the AEON patch followed by the X39 patch to speed up results and make someone happy.
If there is muscle pain you can add the Carnosine patch to support that.
It should be possible to see the pain disappear in as little as seconds but when that does not occur do not despair keep the patches on or if you do not have any of the others use two sets of IceWave patches.
Use IceWave as per the instructions on the brochure or watch the instruction video's here.
LIFEWAVE DISCLAIMER: **LifeWave products, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Always consult with a physician or other qualified health care provider before embarking on a new treatment, product use, diet, or fitness program.
Information from
Michel Servais
Independent LifeWave Educator and Specialist